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Upon dead-heading my Roses this morning I noticed on one particular one there was a LUMINOUS YELLOW spider. The rose head complete with inhabitant has been placed in my brown bin but I am worried whether it is poisonous if it gets out the bin?
I have never seen a spider this colour before and it doesn't help my fear of them! lol
Apologies for the poor picture quality.



Hi, ive got those too, just a type of orb or garden spider i think, very good for the garden

Oooh well on your comment I have now lifted it back out into the garden. It's shock of yellow certainly worried me though lol 

Yeah, they do look a bit weird, i may be wrong but i think they are that colour to lie in wait in the middle of flowers.
I used to be really phobic of spiders, but it stopped me enjoying the allotment (massive spids over there!) So i made myself learn about them, not so bad now
Victoria Sponge

I think it might be a green orb weaver looking at uk safari...



Yes Im not as bad with them as I used to be, I can handle the smaller ones but it's the large ones with long legs that I can't deal with lol
There is one currently living in my GH which I discovered under some Capillary matting when I lifted it up that made me jump lol


I think that the yellow is a camouflage as I usually find them in with flower pollen. They are very good at catching things like greenfly. Very quick.


Oooh right, hopefully now he has been re-admitted to the garden he'l do some good I'm over-run with blackfly at the front of my house so it's a pity he doesn't go for them lol

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