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The picture below used to be a foxglove. Two, close by, but in different beds have been munched. Nothing else has been touched. Is there anything that targets Foxgloves?




Looks slug/snail to me.

I have one that looks like that and I think it may be rabbits although I haven't seen them munching on it.

I am too urban for rabbits but there are plenty of wood pigeons. 

What I find strange is that it is only the foxglove that has been attacked.




Wood pigeons in gardens seem to focus on one or two plants that they can tear the leaves of, and young foxglove leaves are very tearable - that looks just like the damage wood pigeons do to broccoli and fields of oilseed rape. 

Hang some old DVDs or bits of silver foil or plastic streamers from canes around them for a while - it won't look pretty but the wood pigeons will move on to something else.  

They've taken the growing tip out of that foxglove, but it will send up some flowering spikes from sideshoots, so all is not lost. 


i think its caterpillar damage. they are green in colour and look the same colour as the leaves.  if u inspect the leaves closely u might find the culprits. try looking at the underside of the leaves.


star gaze lily

I've got quite a few foxgloves around the garden, one of mine looks simular to  that pic. We have 3 fat wood pidgeons in our garden, might have a go at your suggestion Dove. Tho I hope they don't attack anything else!!


Probably a combined attack - they gang up on us you know 

Found a third that has been got. It is near to the other two.. This one is a self seeded one in my bin store so it will be protected from pigeons. Something crawly is looking the favourite. Off out now so will hunt from caterpillars etc later. 

Is this a slugs calling card? What looks like poo just above a leaf joint?


Hi. I have had the same problem. Lots of my foxgloves near the hedge got attacked. I suspected snails, so went snail hunting at night. I was surprised to see caterpillars... Mine were brown. I scooped them all up and hope I saved some of my foxgloves. I'll be out again tonight ;-). 

It is caterpillar damage Mowmymoss.  Encourage birds into your garden and they will keep your caterpillar population down. 

We have got about 3 or 4 birds nesting in our garden... They seem to be asleep at night when the caterpillars are out :-S... Anyway, now I know what to look for, it will be easier. Thanks for the tip of what kind it is. 

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