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Dear Gardeners! Once I have realized that the dictionaries give very boring definition of «garden». It’s  just a piece of land with trees and flowers. It’s unfair! The garden is something special, isn’t it? What’s your idea? What’s garden for you?


Read the threads on this forum - everything you need to know about us and our gardens is already here

I need your answers here. It is very important for my report and cultural understanding


Gardening for me is therapy for my depression & an ever active urge to help stem the reduction of bees/hedgehogs in particular. 

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It's wonderful! it is very important to protect our nature and the world around us.



For some gardeners it's about control of their environment for others it's about being a referee dealing with 'thugs' and 'vandals' of the natural world thus giving  plants and wildlife a chance to thrive.

Yes indeed fake119961, my garden to me is "something special". 

As a healthy (I think) non smoker and general tightwad the physical outdoor scene and having the facility to grow food economically...organically of course....appeals.  The hard physical work now and then is satisfying too.  Eating fruit and veg without the use of any chemicals.....

having no creative talent ...cannot paint, draw, sculpt etc.....I can express myself with plants using colour, form, shape and scent to create something pleasing

A place of solace.  A place to gather with family and friends or a place to be alone.  

An all year round do non gardeners get through the dark and cold days after christmas?  Gardeners see their emerging hellebores and snowdrops and other signs of spring instead. 

Working with nature.....appreciating the habitat I can provide for birds, bees, butterflies, hedgehogs, even the odd fox.

what else gives so much?

couldn't really live without a garden fake119961 


Here in the UK, the word garden seems to be used for any outdoor space, hence you get descriptions like "Paved garden".  In the US that wouldn't make any sense.  In the US the outdoor space attached to your house is a yard and a garden is something where you've made an effort, so "flower garden" or "vegetable garden" or "rose garden."  You may have a few "gardens" in your yard.  Even a well landscaped and large yard would be a yard and not a garden in commonspeak in US but you may have some gardens in it.  Garden seems to me (someone with a foot in both countries but have only gardened in the UK) an enclosed place with an effort to control what is grown. Not always natural.  See Andrew Marvell, A Mower Against The Gardens (mid to late 17th c,.) While I admire highly structured formal gardens, I don't make any effort that way myself.


A gardener is always looking forward, planning for the future  ............ in that way gardening counteracts negative and depressive thinking


I'm not doing your work for you fakel....gardeners have enough to do as it is.....

Thank you very much for your answers. It is very interesting to know more about different culture and attitude to special sphere of life. You appreciate the nature around you and  you worry about animals and insects. it's wonderful! I'm waiting for more answers

Gardening is a way of appreciating and capturing the beauty of plants individually and in combination with other plants.  I try to visualize and facilitate good design but usually nature does it all by herself. I'm just lucky enough to be present to see sometimes a transitional moment of beauty.


gardening keeps me out of mischief. Just.

Excitable Boy

Gardening is sanity, peace and the miracle of tiny seeds growing into large plants in a season.

what else can you say about the gardening? what do you feel when you are here? what kind of role does it play in your lives?


Victoria Sponge

I agree with Sarah and Verdun above, it is art to me, a chance to design and make things more beautiful. I also like to create a place for wildlife in the suburbs, I try to create a balance or harmony.

I feel excitement/anticipation and contentment and peace.

The role it plays in my life is an escape, something to look forward to when I'm trapped inside working. 

What are the most important places in your gardens? Have you any symbols or symbolic things there? If yes, why? What do they mean?


Fairygirl, I think you may have point

oh, it's the very interesting and unusual answer. I can even call it a philosophical one. Thank you very much!