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Agree with you Mike.  Instinct ......maybe it's impulse or arrogance (heaven forbid) ....determines what amd when I do things. With some logic too,'of course 

I agree Mike in many respects to what you are saying. I've resigned myself to never having a garden that's going to look like something from the Chelsea flower show. Mainly because I allow traditional garden 'pests' to co-exist alongside my plants,obviously within reason. I noticed a Large White butterfly settling on my nasturtiums yesterday and sure enough there are eggs on the leaves. So I'm torn between seeing my nasturtiums flourish or doing my bit for butterfly conservation. I think I'll do the latter as the nasturtiums have had a fair crack of the whip this year and it doesn't appear to be all of them,more particularly one clump.

Also slugs and snails have been attacking the young foxgloves I carefully reared and planted out. I've been out there this morning with an old ice cream tub and literally filled it with slugs/snails,drove to nearby fields and 'relocated' them. They have their freedom,I have a few less mouths demolishing my plants but I wouldn't want to wipe them out entirely. Thrushes/Blackbirds/Hedgehogs all enjoy munching on slugs etc so there's an ecosystem to support and some of those foxgloves will still make it to maturity even though there is in one case just the hint of a stalk left protruding about a quarter inch above the soil. Funny how they ignore the wood avens nearby.

However,I've rambled a bit here but yes instinct plays a part along with some common sense and logic....and a generous dash of acceptance. Acceptance of nature's grand plan

The BBC and computer modeling about changing weather!

My granddad says, always ask "WHO" is making money out of any scare story etc before you believe any of their fables!

All these scares have already been reported in his lifetime!

There was floods, famine, pestilence and lots more to be read in the bible!

He says there was terrible weather during the FWW!

Also towards the end of the 2nd WW the summer weather was terrible and well into the late forties and early fifties!

Then in the late seventies and early eighties the chancers said we were going into another" ice age", when it didn't happen they came up with "global warming" as a way of making money out of the gullible.

When the whole world did not turn into a desert they changed it to "Climate change"a catch all so that they said winters would be warmer and wetter and summers would be cooler and wetter also!

And it is us plebs who pay for their excesses!




Jimmy..........I think Mike was simply saying that given the changes in weather patterns, etc. ( noticeable to many gardeners even in the last 20 years or so ), the "old" rules about when and how  to do many gardening jobs don't necessarily apply now.  Most gardeners have always used their instinct along with the proven methods and will continue to do so.

Climate change/Global warming or however you wish to describe it is a contentious issue  for many...........scientific evidence is still coming to the fore ..........whether we choose to accept or not is plainly up to us. Statistics can always be manipulated to prove or disprove a theory.  However, in my experience, the weather patterns are very definitely changing and so a different approach to dealing with what is happening in your garden is a sensible and valid suggestion.

I don't think Mike was trying to make a political point.......just suggesting that we "go with the flow" so to speak

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