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Hello all.

Hoping for some help as to what is wrong with my Verburnum bush..

In the last week its leaves have started to go brown and yellow and get black dusty looking stuff on them. and is slowing creeping to the whole plant.  i not sure what it is as all other plants in garden are ok. this is on a boundary where my other one died last year also. a beautiful 10 year old shrub just died.

do they die off with age or is it a  disease or weed killer doing it. the bay next door to it is also starting to look unwell..

it is to do with the dry hot summer we have had and lack of rain down here. as even now we not had much since august at all. been dry year down on the Island for us. 

would appreciate any help or guidance from you all

thank you in advance



It looks like mildew, possibly because it has been so dry. Those leaves  will probably all fall off. Give it a good drink now, and mulch, and then feed in the spring.


thank u fidgetbones. im not sure mildew as not white just like been sprayed with coal dust. aand it rubs off so easy.  i have given it plenty to drink and will mulch.  :)

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