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I have a variety of seedlings come through in our cheap plastic propogator, like this I've taken out some by pushing up them up from the bottom but this seems to have been a little too 'aggressive' as they seem to have had their confidence knocked so to speak. Before removing the rest I want to know if there's a specific method I should use??


You ease each one out carefully using a pencil or a plant label to dig it out with, holding by the leaves, not the stem. Have little pots waiting filled with compost. Make a hole in the compost, lower the seedling in and gently firm the compost around it. Then water using a fine rose. This is called "pricking out". Takes a bit of time, but I enjoy doing it.

Amazing, thank you so much Busy-Lizzie. I tried loads of searches but didn't know the term 'pricking out'. Wish me luck!



I use a pencil or tiny dibber and push gently from the bottom through the drainage holes.

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