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Chalky Hill

Hi there Gardeners!

Does anyone know what this green plastic hose is? It was here when we bought the house and I want to remove it in order to plant grass

but am not sure if it is needed for something. It is in the front of the house sticking up from the ground both ends, 3cm in diameter, quite thin plastic. Thankful for help.

Liz Sproston

That's the cover for internet wires  connects from the street to house, should have been buried in a shallow trench.

Chalky Hill

Thank you very much Liz! I'll dig it down then, when preparing the front.


Our Virgin  tv and internet cable is in trunking like that. Its laid along the boundary line under a hedge.


could also be a power cable to a shed or outside lights


Could be internet or power cable Best way is cut it and if you are cut off from the outside world, its internet if your nose lights up then everything goes dark it's electric.

Seriously kids don't try this at home!

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