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Hello...... Could any one help please ..... I bought this little tree a few years ago .... I remember when i bought it it said on the label disease free. Every year this happens (see pictures) I don't know what it is to search whats a matter with it ........... So if any one could help me I would be very grateful .............  Thanks




No pictures.  Please try again.


 This is a picture of the little tree ............

I looks like a Heuchera which is not a tree but an evergreen herbacious plant. They grow to around 1 foot to 18 inches in hight but If it is a tree and is some years old, it hasn`t grown much!

Difficult to say which Heuchera it is due to the photo - we have a large collection and it could be Key Lime Pie or Caramel depending on the amount of sun light it receives. They prefer semi shade otherwise the foliage changes colour.

PS Can you show better pictures of the plant and closer views to be able to see the `brown` parts at the top?



Hello, Thanks for reply.............I bought it as a little tree (it was sold as a small tree) Ive took a far off photo so you can see the size ........... It isn't an evergreen it loses all it leaves in autumn ......and this is also my problem as i to agree it hasn't grown much at all in two years ive had it .....






Looks more like a variegated acer with sun scorch.


I concur.  Not a very attractive tree as it happens. Acers are usually lovely, this one looks too closely related to sycamore.

Sorry, my prejudice against sycamore is showing.


Yes, maple family.  CP if you need us to see details by clicking the photograph you must make sure your pic is no more than 1000kbs.  When we saw the trunk then of course it was a tree, not a heuchera!

Rainwater Fanatic

Very nice looking border CP. It looks like you are a dab hand with the lawn edger. 


It looks like a form of acer negundo to me, probbaly flamingo, which has cream and pink tinges in spring.  They can be pollarded to keep them short if needs be and this will make for bigger, better foliage each spring.

It is regarded as an undesirable, invasive weed across the United States.

 I agree with fidgetbones.  I have an Acer shirasawanum whose beautiful yellow leaves were going brown at the edges early in the summer.  I suspected it was in too sunny a position so moved it last winter to a shadier spot.  This year, so far so good - the leaves are still perfect.  Perhaps your Acer is getting too much direct sunlight at the hottest part of the day and needs to be moved?


It looks like acer brilliantissimum to me - are the new leaves shrimp pink in spring?  Leaves start off pink then turn pale yellow as they age.  It looks like scorched leaves - wet leaves combined with cold winds are one cause it.  Can you move it to a more sheltered area? i had to move an Acer dissectum purpureum twice before I found its 'happy place'!  Acer brilliantissimum is also very slow growing so I wouldn't be too bothered about its size after 2 years.

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