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Can anyone identify this plant, it is growing everywhere, even in my greenhouse. Thanks



Almost looks like clover to me?

Oxalis. It can be very invasive, grows from teeny weeny bulbils.
figrat will give more info, sorry you'll have to copy and paste link into your browser.

Thanks for the replies, I will be reading up on this and how to tackle it.


flowering rose

it looks oxallis as it grows from small corms and they do spread .

Its almost certainly oxallis and its almost inpossible to get rid of  [ and I never even planted it. It just appeared].

hollie hock

A while ago I got some oxalis from a free T&M offer, I did some research on it and I only planted the bulbs in a large pot, I'm so pleased I did. I don't like them at all.  I would just apply weed killer to the leaves and try to kill it off.

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