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 Can anyone tell me what this plant is please.  a very interesting looking crown of leaves appeared during the winter when other plants had died down as my garden is more a summer garden and looked so interesting i decided to leave it as i was not sure if it something i had been given. Thebasal  leaves are about a foot wide and about as high and it send up the flower spike that are about 5 ft. The bees love it.  Thank you.


I think its giant scabious Bajangirl - Cephalaria gigantea.


Perennial tall yellow scabious. There is a latin name but at the moment it escapes me.


And its roots go down as far as the flowering stem goes up. Try digging one out and you will see what I mean!


Thanks for your replies, I wish now I had dug it up when I saw the first leaves, if it goes that deep I had better start now!!! 


Why would you want to dig it up?

You like it, the bees like it. Whats not to like?

if I had a larger garden it would not be a problem but it is small and tightly packed with plants so there is not room for a large specimen especially where it is growing. I find many plants that have self seeded like poppies, foxgloves, campanula, ferns that I have kept. I am not sure where they come from as they are not in neighbouring gardens this one appeared in the same way

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