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Hi, I've got 2 lovely climbers in my garden but I've no idea what they are so not sure how to look after them properly.  They have a profusion of very small pink flowers which later turn into berrys.  Would be grateful for any ideas so I can research them.  Thanks






Jean Genie

It looks a bit like Jasmine Stephanese . May be wrong though as I'm not sure if they have berries. I planted one this year but it hasn't flowered yet. The leaves look very similar. If  I'm right , I shall award myself a cake !


Jasminum beesianum.  No special pruning required, just thin out branches that you don't want.

When I grew jasminium beesianum I routinely cut it back hard after a crew cut.....and it flowered profusely every year. Quick and easy and uncomplicated. Jean, would you really have eaten a whole cake? Mind you a rich chocolate cake was made and given me for my birthday recently and to help it go down I added ice cream........not much of it left now!


Thanks everyone I've been trying to find out for 2 years so think you should all have a cake!

Jean Genie

Just popping back to ask would I treat my Stephanese the same way ?  It's not very big yet - it was only planted in Spring. Should I just leave it this year ?

I like the sound of that chocolate cake, Christopher.

Jean Genie

Sorry - meant to say next year.

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