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This it the vegetable not sure if it is Kale or something else - picture bit dark as only took pic late



Looks more like sprouting broccoli , but not flowering yet.


Looks like sprouting broccoli to me too

Thank you all, I was given it by another allotmenteer and they forgot to say what it was great help knew it was some sort of cabbage thing but not what

Tetley that sound horrible don't have hedgehogs on the allotment I think

Don't know anything about broccoli any help - when will I know when it is ready?



I find it's usually ready from March onwards, depending on variety and weather.  It'll grow flowering shoots like this


These are the bits you cut off when they look like the above, and cook - delicious .

I stake my plants with tomato canes to stop them blowing about in the wind, otherwise the only job in the winter is to persuade the pigeons that they don't want to eat them. 




Thank you Dove that is really helpful

Pat E

It looks like my broccolini which I think is similar to sprouting broccoli. We feasted for months on ours - it's just finishing now.


Netting is not good for birds either. Only careful observation or camera traps would show whether there were hedgehogs.


my hedgehogs are still coming to feed every night. No frost here yet this winter.


Ours are tucked up snuggly somewhere - think they're under the neighbour's hedge.

Today went and visited my plot and the vegetable has the purple bit on so definitely purple sprouting broccoli  - so here is a pic for you all to see


Cut off and eat those delicious shoots before they go to flower.  It will keep producing new shoots further down for quite some time.

Lyn Plant-Wells

I know it's veering away from broccoli but I agree about the fat balls in netting. I buy f/balls in big containers without it - don't know why shops sell them in netting.

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