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Does anyone know what this brown clover like weed is? It is growing in all of my pots and the more I get rid of it the more it comes back! Any help would be grateful 

Thank you



Pic isnt showing Yvonne

How odd! It's showing on my screen! Maybe my settings are wrong! No idea what to do now!



To post a pic click on the green tree icon in the toolbar above where you type your post and follow the instructions. 


I've tried to load it again. Hopefully it's now showing !



It's an Oxalis of some kind, pretty but can become quite invasive

Thank you mat & bob....great advice  




That's a welcome question. I have some of that and because its quite pretty and looks quite delicate I'd been tending it. And there's now more of it. I get the picture and will take the advice you've offered Yvonne and get brutal with it. Useful forum.

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