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Hi there, I have something which has taken over one of my garden beds. It looks like grass, however, it appears to grow a lot quicker. When I dig it up there are countless numbers of clumps of bulbs. I tried clearing the area last year, however, over the winter it has grown again and there seems to be more bulbs there then when I cleared it last year! I have included a couple of pictures linked below....

Any help with how to get rid of this would be appreciated.

Does it smell of garlic /onions?

Or are they bluebells??

Did they flower?

Or did you get them out before then?


 hope this helps

They do have a very strong smell. And it is a garlic like smell. They have not flowered, but then, i'm in the process of digging the buggers up at the moment - they might have done if they had the chance....

That onion weed looks very similar...


We call it wild onion here.
Make sure you get all the bulblets. You could does work...but regular and efficient digging is,the answer. White flowers?

I'd agree alliums, I have them in my garden.

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