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Could be several different things, from hogweed to various cultivated plants - can you post a more detailed picture including the stems please?

Also, is this in a cultivated bed or a long-established wild patch?


Does look like Hogweed growing up with Goosegrass/Cleavers around it.


Cow parsley? If the leaves are matt.

Hemlock if the leaves are shiny?



Looks Hogweed to me. Just ordinary hogweed, not the giant one, 

Ok thank will go take some more pics in abit its all so growing in the middle of my lawn 


It grows in my meadow Tony but soon disappears with mowing. There's none in those areas that are always mowed. Or if there is you can't see it which is good enough for me.


looks like hogweed - be very careful as if you get the sap on your skin and it's sunny then your skin will burn and blister




It's not giant hogweed mrs Mega, that looks very different


That's the sort of hogweed that we collected by the bagful for our pet rabbits when we were children, and for our children's pet rabbits when they had them 

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