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At first I thought this was Evening Primrose but it is not. Does anyone recognise what it may be?

It's a bit bizarre. Any UFO sightings in the area?


If you zoom in on the third photo there's a red beetle or chafer or something lurking under a leaf ....

I have had several and left this one to see what it becomes but it does not look like it will flower.  The leaves are spindly but towards the base are like an evening primrose.

Triffid be damned!



You're right dove- there's quite a few of them! 

You're eyesight's very good 


I've been known to see right though some things FG 

But to return to this strange plant - it's hard to work out the size of things, but I think those beetle thingys might even be big aphids.  Could they have damaged the growing shoot enough to do that to the leaves do you think?


I don't think so, Dove. The leaves appear to have grown like this on the other plants too. I have just noticed the insect, however I am more interested in what the plant/weed may be.


Odd that one can only enlarge one photo, just the once. Makes anything a bit hard for me with my eyesight.


these look distorted more than eaten to me. any weedkillers been about?


Think aphid/ beetle attack. Dove's right, there are 4 on that photo. My lilies that have had aphids on, NOT the blasted lily beetles I will add, are miss shaped and at the top and look weird. But don't know what the plant is, soz.


p.s. saying that they remind me of the tops of some of my Winter flowering sprouting broccoli that have been chomped / pecked.

No weedkillers, nutcutlett.

All 5  plants looked like this. They are growing in with my hydrangeas and so far nothing else has been affected.


My first thought was weedkiller Nutcutlet - having grown up on a farm in the 60s I've seen enough distortion of plants due to weedkillers - but don't think this is it - but it might be due to weedkiller in manure/compost I suppose - slightly different .

If so Dove, why has it not affected other plants?



certainly looks like weedkilller damage to me. Any chance of a picture at the base?


did these grow from seed where they are now or have they been bought/grown and planted?


Was your manure/compost bought bagged or loose from someone?


Lion S

Could this be some kind of fasciation, like in Veronicastrum virginicum 'Fasciation'?

The plant self seeded.  Any compost (Homebase) was used around other plants without any ill  effect and it is certainly not weedkiller.

I have not heard of fasciation, it may be affected by this, but I still do not know what the plant may be...Any more ideas?