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this has been bugging me lol. my neighbour didnt know what it was so i have a look and found nothing on the internet about what it is or where it comes from, here are some pics:



it branches off one stem/trunk into these funny looking things lol. can anyone identify?



Euphorbia characias or  wulfenii

Chris, have you tried searching the euphorbias? For example, you could look at euphorbia characias wulfenii (but that has red stems apparently) but there are many more, from the spurge that grows as a weed in our gardens to the giant specimens in Tanzania or Namibia.

So, it is not a Euphorbia Virosa ...

edit ... fidgetbones you sneaked in whilst I was researching ...





be careful of the sap, if it gets on your skin you need to wash it off with soap and water as it is an irritant.

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