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Please can anyone tell me what is wrong with my apple tree? The apples split from early formation. I have two apple trees, one eating and one cooking and both are affected. Many thanks in advance


It looks a bit like 

Brown rot (Monilinia fructigena)
Brown rot is an important disease of apple fruits causing significant losses in store and in the orchard. All varieties are susceptible


Closer picture would help, but yes it could be Brown Rot. Collect up and dispose of any fruit affected, especially the ones which fall. The spores come from them to re-infect the tree. There are no Fungicides for amateur use, but, if you can get it, copper sulphate sprayed on the bark from early Spring can help. Also make sure that air can circulate round the trees, that also helps.


Beghill -if you click and click again on the picture-you can get a closer view

Geoff, I never knew that brilliant, never too old to learn especially on this electronic whizz kid kit called a laptop.




But only once apparently.

It is possible to buy Copper Sulphate in garden centres. Its called Bordeaux Mixture I use it every year against potato blight as its recommende for  organic gardening'

Thanks for the tip Berghill I did not know about spraying the bark on apple trees against brown rot from which my tree suffers every year, Do I have to spray the whole tree, or the trunk,or just the branches?



Spray anywhere where the fungus spores might lodage, ie all the bark. It is not guaranteed to stop it, but it does reduce it. Or, at least it has on ours.

And Bluebell16's tree also has a bit of Scab on the leaves. Woryth spraying with Bordeaux mixture for that too.

By the way that is being withdrawn pretty soon too.

Thank you all very much. I have never used this forum before it is wonderful.

I will get my Bordeaux mixture ASAP.

Kind regards to you all


You may be as well to cut back some of the branches to ensure they all get good air circulation and sun, dont worry, it wont cut back on the fruit. (just wait until the weather is right)


cut it back hard now! get loads of fruit the cold weather will do it good


No, that tree does not look as if it needs cutting back. I would reduce any new growths to 2 buds length from the point of origin, and take out any growth going inwards, but that is all.

If Bordeaux Mixture is being taken off the market soon any ideas what the alternatives are ? as I use it religously for potato blight, Would Jeyes fluid do the same job on apple trees?


Absolutely no idea what we are going to use. Copper sulphate may be bought from other sources, like Wine making places I have been told.

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