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Any ideas? What should I do?

Was wanting to use broken up rose branches as mulch, but I'm guessing best not if it's a disease.

Thanks to the people who helped me know how to prune them!

Prunings with prickles are not nice to handle as mulch - unless you are trying to discourage animals! They don't look diseased to me, the green bit shows it was making healthy growth. Wet dead wood will quickly start to decompose and small fungi will grow on it, this is normal.

Paul Anderson

Could be Rose stem canker which is a fungal disease affecting any part of the plant or Rose Die back, go onto RHS home page and type in Rose die back and see if the symptoms are familiar. Hope that helps


The top one could be dead, the bottom one is alive as it has a healthy new growth on it. But they are not suitable for mulch, unless to keep cats off! All roses get dead stems from time to time, especially roses like ramblers.

Thanks peeps. Hope it was the right thing to lop these off, then. There is a lot to learn in this gardening lark!



Was that your straggling/struggling climbing rose?  

Well done, now for new bigger trellis or vine eyes and wires, and feeding and mulching around the bottom, and stand well back 

Yes! Your advice was really helpful, thank you.

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