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My garden has been doing really well this summer and my roses have been free of the dreaded green aphids as well. However lately there has been some damage to the plants from a little green caterpillar (you can see it in the pictures below). It eats the leaves which end up either with holes or curling up and it also eats the rose buds as well. It seems to enjoy all plants because it has affected my roses, blueberries, redcurrants and acers. Does anyone know what this pest is and how it can be eradicated?



Look like sawfly/caterpillars to me. In one guise or another, they have been prolific this year.

A spray with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer or an organic soap spray will control them.  You could try squashing them but there are so many of them.  I know the argument against sprays so it's your choice.....lose your plants for this year or spray.

I am neutral to the chemicals/spray argument so far. If I can avoid them i will but if they are needed then I'll use them. I'll get a bottle of Provado spray tomorrow.

They are a real nuissance because they seem to like the new shoots and flower buds the most.

Sometimes they seem to just like to cause damage for the sake of it. Like in the epicture below where they have nibbled just the side of the stem which has turned black and deformed.



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