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 Hi all,

I am new to gardening and have no idea what this could be?

Please could someone identify?



Hard to tell at this distance but may be a hardy geranium - can we have a closer pic of the leaves please?

 Here we go

Thank you


Looks like a hardy geranium to me - although it's looking very lush for this early in the year - is your garden in a lovely sheltered spot?

If I'm right it'll have some lovely pink or blue flowers later in the summer - post a pic of them and we'll know if I'm right   The bees will love it.

It gets some early morning sun then has none again until the very late evening it's right in the shade next to a fence. Oh they sound nice thank you I'm trying work out what to clear in the garden this weekend and so far found that most of what is planted here already (I've not long moved here) seems to be nice flowers

Thanks again




There is a weed which looks very similar to a hardy geranium. It has darker leaves which are often blotched. If yours doesn't flower ( my hgs are coming into flower now) it could be that


Yes, creeping buttercup leaves do look rather like those of hardy geraniums, but I think the clumping habit here is typical of the geranium.

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