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These started growing where we planted chillies but now they are getting pretty big with yellow flowers and no sign of Chillies, they also don't look like any images of Chilli plants on Google, does any one know what plant it is?


Stacey Docherty

Most def not chillies! Can't help you witamid though I'm afraid but they look nice!


Looks like Evening Primrose


Definitely not a chilli.


Are you sure the 2 images are of the same plant?  The flowers and leaf colour look different to me.....!  Looks pretty nonetheless!

Looks like evening primrose to me too. Try sniffing them in the evening - there should be a fairly delicate, sweet scent that isn't there in the daytime.


looks like one of the lysimachias to me


Hi yes definately the same plant (taken at different times of the day and with a different camera). Evening primrose does look like a strong possiblility! Here is another image in case it helps 


Just looked at my Evening Primrose, does look similar

Thanks very much everyone, we'll try sniffing them in the evening. Vey pleased to finally find out what they are! We'll have to try Chillies again next year 

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