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I have about 10 x 1.5" shoots I have grown in a persil washing up box with compost. They are in the kitchen by the window. I water them every 3 days, What should I do next please? I have no idea but I know they cant grow big in the little pot.


When they have true leaves-rather than seed leaves and can be handled-you need to pot them into 3 inch pots to grow on-do not over water it is best to let them dry out a bit between waterings

Where are they going to be grown?

 Great! Thanks for the reply. Shall I put them outside or in the well lit glass room indoors? It's about 19 degrees consistently there.


They dont like cold-they sounds like a good spot-they need to be bit bigger before you move them-those are the seed leaves-give it another 14 days or so

Thank you very much for your tips. I should invite you round for fajitas in 6 months



I agree with Geoff.  When they have been in the 3" pots for a few weeks, you're best to pot them on again into slightly larger (eg 5") pots, after the roots reach the sides of the 3" pots.  When the roots reach the sides of the 5" pots (after a few more weeks) pot them into their final (8" or 10") pots.  They prefer being re-potted several times rather than being planted directly into large pots, which often delays their growth.

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