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Try Cornel University vegetablemdonline web page Colin as it has pictures you can compare the blotches to.

Sorry James - I renamed you Colin for no good reason???

Hi you can eat them did you watch the hairey bikers 6-08-2012


@ Henry. I have no desire to cause unnecessary cruelty to any animal - normally I dont have a major problem. How ever this year I lost so many things to snails and they had got to plague proportions something had to be done. The odd few snails in the garden dont do any harm and I would let them be normally. When I am collecting them by the bucket load, they are not welcome and need to be dispatched. 

@ James, - having eaten snails in France they are vile, so will not be contemplating serving them up  

@James the way the hairey biker cook them stufft with garlic butter they look't fab


Salt solution is very effective against slugs n snails, if they escape it's because you haven't put enough water in. I tip them in a nearby hedge when job done. Will someone take offence because the subject matter has been changed from
Bucket of snails to hairy biker?????

Hairey biker showed you how to cook the snails so you you could eat them instead of taken them for a walk

Oh, ok. I guess they are cheap and plentiful

i set slug and snail traps full of beer and once a week empty them in the drain and hose them down granted its a bit messy otherwise i cut slugs in half and stamp on snails then leave them for birds and others to eat

So, budlia63 you really do know,how to have fun
flowering rose

depending on your view with a bucket full of snails and slugs,kill them with boiling water then feed to the birds.Parcel them off to the rubbish tip,throw them over the fence ,set them free to live their lives munching on your plants  there is never one answer to slugs and snails.

If they didn't come back, I would happily relocate them to another part of the garden.

Malt vineger (I don't dilute). They are dead in seconds and no fizzing,  the vineger preserves them so there are no bad smells and you can use the same pot until it is full, then on to the compost heap.

Lidl sell pint bottles at 17p, so not an expensive exercise.

I only protect the veggies, everything else has to fend for itself. Don't forget to leave the leopard slugs alone, they eat the others. I have one inside the polytunnel on daily patrol, it is now 7" long so must be eating well!

hollie hock

I generally have an approach that I expect a few  plants to get eaten. I only grow flowers so I try and grow them on til they hopefully they have a chance. Very occasionally I put down slug pellets just to give a plant a fighting chance. I did that with some Echinecias that I grew from seed and they have bounced back.

LIke the malt vinegar approach and have heard of the leopard slug, but don't know anything about them



Vinegar - brilliant idea,shall use that next year and the bonus of no smell as snails after a couple of days in a bucket honk to high heaven  

Can you just sprinkle the vinegar on them like you can with salt, or do you have to immerse the whole slug/snail in vinegar?

Most of the slugs have been eaten by the blackbirds and frogs in the garden, BUT as I let the dog out last night for his last wee (he understands 'bedtime wee-wee'), there was a huge black monster of a thing heading straight for my strawberries.  So he got a-salted, vinegar would be a lot cheaper.  Didn't know about it attracting other slugs and snails, so I guess I need to go out later with a bucket of water and a brush and wash the remains down the drain.

I really hate the slimy critters, but will happily tolerate frogs/hedgehogs and birds, anything that doesn't eat my plants but eats pests.  Roll on the day I can have some chooks in the back garden!


I poured boiling water. Death is instantaneous.Just remember not to pour boiling water on the grass as it can scorch the grass as mine has. Not only the snails and slugs died, my grass too.


I did try spraying with a 50/50 vinegar water spray, but after a minute of writhing in agony, the slug rolled around int the damp soil, seamed to recover himself and carry on his way. If you don't like picking them up, I find a small hand trowel does the job so long as they are not on a leaf. I heard someone else say they used chop sticks!

flowering rose

I like the vinegar idea,pickled snails and slugs ,wonder if french know that one.

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