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Yet again I have collected a load of snails in a bucket!! dozens and dozens of them  

Whats the quickest way to dispatch them? it got too dark and I had to finish tidying up so i have just left them in the bucket with a lid on them.

is there something I could put in the bucket, I have tried salt water before and some still escape. I was wondering is something like Jeyes fluid might work but would that be a slow death. i have nothing agaist snails on an individual basis but on mass they have ruined the garden this year. i dont wont to prolong the suffering of any creature.

even thought about boiling the kettle.............

i can't deal with crunching them, although several got stepped on tonight but the noise goes right through me.

If I were you I would put them in the car and take them for a nice run in the countryside and leave them where they can't do any damage but don't forget to take your bucket home! 


The Doctor

Ammonia mix 4:1 or up to 10:1 slugs & snails hate it and die quickly. Give it a try and let me know.

Dan x


They are good food for Blackbirds but as the feeding season is over and the fact you have too many, as Snailsrcute suggests, take them for a drive............


Scatter them on the road and let the cars do the squishing.  A case of the quick or the dead.

Gracie, I'm not sure blackbirds eat snails.  Thrushes do, but I've noticed they are particular about the kind of snail they eat.

On the other hand, I want a pair of Oystercatchers for my garden; they are ace snail hunters!



At my old house, I used to take them for a walk and put them in the central resevation of the A12 in London, thinking that if they made it home then good on them for getting over a 3 lane A road  

The country side is a bit far away just to take snails. 

We only really have wood pigeons and crows round here. 

I do occastionally see a frog/toad in the garden but I bet he doesn't like the chrunchy bits. 

Might try the ammonia - haven't actually dealt with them yet, they might have to wait until I finish work  



Ammonia mix.  Do you have Ammonia to hand?  Sounds a complicated method to me.

Alina W

My method is to tie them in a large plastic bag and put them in the bin just before it's emptied. I reckon the bag'll be broken at the tip, so they are just deported.


I don't like to hear the crunch either. I've got a bucket half full with a strong salt and water mix and I go out last thing at night and pick up the snails from the lawn and any slugs I can see on the 2 patios. They all go in the bucket and although they fizz up some bubbles for a couple of seconds, it seems that they are a gonna soon after as they then don't move. I've read stuff on the net about whether they feel pain and there seems to be mixed opinions, but I think the quicker they can die the better. Unless you can take them walkies in the country somewhere!


no time to take snails for walkies

Maybe i need to make my salt water stronger 

Alina - you know the bag gets crushed in the bin lorry

salad fingers

I think your all missing the best technique " chuck em in the neighbours garden"

why put the salt in water - I just sprinkle salt on them and give it all a good shake. It's got to be a quicker death for the snails?


salad fingers, they just come back if you throw them over the fence  


Catapult it's amazing how they can fly 

gardenning granny

some of us are more cruel!  I keep a plastic milk bottle in the garden (with some salt in the bottom if you are tender hearted!) and drop any slugs or snail in there as I am gardening.  Screwing the lid on tight means I get no escapees.  When the pot of disgusting decomposed much is well filled it goes in the dustbin.

Just been pruning the wisteria and hundreds were dropping out of there.

no respite for the gardeners.


Well gardening granny, that's exactly what I do. It came to a point  when I went down the garden one night, as I stood still I Could hear a crunching noise, there they were on my first beautiful cabbages, happily munching away, that's when I declared war, and to be honest, it seems to be the only way. Shame though, I think I need a hedgehog!


reading through, there's certainly a lot of sickos out there aren't there ( Welshonion, Alina W, diggingdoris, gardenning granny Sparklepinksunflower).  i haven't joined the debate to cause resentment but snails don't have a voice but i do.  what i do with snails is to remove them from my delicate plants using a torch at night and then toss them in my rough herbacious boarder where they do no harm at all.

perhaps lesson on humanity could be recommended.


Do you know anyone with chickens? My next door nighbour has them so a lot have flyong lessons. The snails not the chickens.

Heads up! The slugs and snails carry a bacteria that can cause meningitis. If you get slimed hands rub them with dry salt before washing them.

They also carry lungworms which are harmful to pets and if you live near sheep pasture and water courses some snail species carry liver flukes which can infect humans.

TOP TIP try leaving the dead snails in the middle of the patio it will draw the slugs and snails out,as they are decay cleaners and reabsorb each other, so in the night you can gather large numbers of them easily in one convenient pile.

Can any one please tell me wot the red blotches on my potatoes are THANKS JIM