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Anyone got an experience of loking after a Datura??  I've been given one, its in my conservatory, in a pot and its about 3' tall

Datura or Brugmansia ?


I think it's the same but name changed. I overwintered mine in GH and lost it.

I think Brugmansia flowers hang down Datura are upright.Brugmansia fairly easy to overwinter in GH.Cuttings easy, Brugmansia very fragrant, plant poisonous.

Same plant, yes.  It grew huge for me in the garden and overwintered outside too.  It is toxic and big so I got rid of it.   White fly was a big issue too as well as other bugs.    Overwinter as KEF said But beware is poisonous.  Young children?  



Assuming it is the perennial brugmansia formerly called  datura,keep it  frost free and on the dry side. Cut it down to about a foot in spring, water and feed regularly with tomato food.  I cut branches off and stand in a coffee jar of water in the kitchen window. When they have  made plenty of white roots, I pot them up for new plants.


blairs, I've learned something else. Interesting article, but don't know which I had as it was quite a  few yrs ago.

Just dId a check blairs.  Change of name but same plant. 

I grew it for a while, as said, but not a plant that suited me.  Daves garden does often get things  wrong I found.  

I wouldn't be offended if I was wrong.....I'm often corrected.  


Hope you're right Verdun. I was so pleased that I thought I knew something.

KEF,, I checked again for curiosity sake.  Seems they have separated annual types from perennial types but the name has been applied both as datura and brugsmania.  It's not the end of the world and no real need to be too technical. For me, they are the same plant.  For me, the treatment would be the same whatever technical changes have been  made.  I would certainly recognise datura and a plant sold as brugsmania as looking the same 

However, garden debate is great.  Being right  or wrong personally is not important 

A picture too would help and what does the label say tansmum?  We will advise accurately when the label is revealed

I have grown both,never been able to overwinter Datura but have Brugmansa that are five years old. Use the same method as fidget bones to propagate.when grown in the GH the fragrance is very strong particularly in the is said that if a women sleeps in the shade of a Brugmansia she will have erotic dreams.


 Whichever this one is, I was standing under it when I took the photo at East Ruston Old Vicarage - there are two of them, and they apparently overwinter outside as how on earth would you move them and where would you put them?  Mind you, they have created a rather special microclimate there. 

Lovely photo, never seen them that big insitu in England., only in the Leu gardens Orlando.last week bought several into GH it has prompted new blossoms,may take photo later today.



The pic looks like a Brug - you cut them down Dove to the main stem and they regrow quickly in spring. They can stay in the conservatory or make them go dormant over winter. A 3 foot one would be best barely watered in a conservatory. Repot, feed and water,feed,  water, feed, water in the summer. Did I mention they like water and feed in warm weather? They are thirstly plants. A lot of pests like thier leaves, though they are poisonous.


Mine is pink,  and they are a martyr to red spider mite. The big one is still outside, with a flower on it. Nothing like the ones at ruston though.

Mine looks like Dovefromabove's photo.  I was given it a couple of weeks ago. Its in my South facing conservatory.  I've read everyones comments, thanks very much. I'll leave it alone over winter, not water it much, prune it in spring and pray it survives


 Second year from a cutting. When they have been planted in the soil. the rootball becomes too large, so I take cuttings and let it the original die in the frost.

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