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What to do with exhausted compost?

What can I do with this stuff? Put it back in my compost bin? Or should I but it in the council green recycling bin?

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Should I put exhausted compost in my compost bin or put it in the green council bin? What can I so with it.

Put it in the compost bin and mix it with other composted material, it's not something I waste.


I wouldn't waste it. I'd reuse it by mixing in some fresh and adding some fish, blood n bone. I also find it good for refreshing the heavy clay soil I have. 

Grow carrots in mine in a big plastic dog bath!! Brill


If clean I top dress/mulcrs with it.  I don't  re use it in containers

Steve 309

Tip it on the garden soil.  It'll be a good soil conditioner even if there are no nutrients left.

I guess it'd be great for carrots too as RD says above.  Maybe if you have stony soil make a slit to grow your carrots in and fill it with the compost.  They don't want fresh organic matter.


Darn. I wish I knew that about carrots before, I've sown mine in lovely, rich (and expensive) spanking brand new compost.  


I put nothing into the council green waste bin, EVERYTHING goes into compost. If it still looks fresh when I turn it, it goes back into Bin 1 to start again.

We aren't supposed to put soil/compost in our green council bin, only found this out recently, so u are allowed to in other areas, are u?

Don't throw it away! Mix in some blood, fish and bone fertiliser, and dig it into the soil. It will bulk up raised beds, act as a mulch around shrubs and plants, and any old roots in there from the spent plants will also rot down over the winter. You could add it in small quantities to your compost heap, mixing it in well with the green waste. Please don't waste it by disposing of it.


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