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Can anyone tell me what the best thing is to do with my Amaryllis bulb as the flowers have now faded and I unsure what to do with it now.



Hello NGCARDS - once the flower has completely died off cut the stalk down and allow the rest of the leaves to die back naturally.  Keep watering it and feeding it and the leaves will slowly go yellow.  This will take a while and it looks unsightly but all the goodness is going back into the bulb.  When all the leaves have died back stop watering and turn the pot on it's side and allow to rest.   I put mine in the garage at this stage.  Keep an eye on it and when the bulb starts to put up a new shoot take it indoors again and start watering and the cycle begins all over again.  Hope this helps.

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Bumped up for you Roanne

Maybe forester could help 

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