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I have an obelisk (approx 6ft high) as was considering training a Clematis (Carnaby)against it but I was wondering what else would be suitable to plant with it in order to have something in flower when the Clematis has finished.


A small climbing or rambling rose, honeysuckle, canary creeper (annual and yellow but still...), lobata, sweet peas, runner beans - not a joke, they are very pretty in flower, were introduced as a flowering plant - then you get good grub afterwards. 

why not look at avalance which is a white clematis and evergreen.

seen some in bq and they look great,but at £30.00 a bit expensive.

I have recently planted a honeysuckle called 'Dropmore Scarlet' on a post which is part of my pergola. I did my homework on this plant, and as far as I know, it will flower until autumn (the red exotic-looking flowers are plentiful now).  It's evergreen, too.  But I think it's a vigorous climber and could be too much for your obelisk.  I agree with Bookertoo on all she came up with!


Definitely not a rambling rose.  You'd need a tree for that. Rose plus late-flowering clematis would be a pretty combo.  Late flowering clematis also has the advantage of being cut down Jan/Feb so no problem  of taking over.

A Clematis Flamulia is lovely and the perfume is very delicate, also I like Morning Glory with different vibrant coloured flowers coming out every day.

Thankyou for your replies. I was considering another Clematis but wasn't sure which ones flowered later but thanks to your replies I will look into Morning Glory and peruse the recommended website.

Just a PS - I'm just wondering how you would prune two clematis on the same support; it might be difficult to see which was which, as the leaves would be similar.   



You could look at the David Austen New English Roses. Some of those make very good short climbers (up to about 6 - 8 ft) (I like Gertrude Jekyll). They are known for their attractive form, repeat flowering and many have very good scent.

I agree with Mahwah that trying to prune 2 clematis on the same support could be difficult unless they flower / need pruning at the same time (which kind of defeats the object...)

Thankyou Mahwah and Topbird for drawing to my attention to the matter of pruning the two Clematis, I agree with you this could be a problem!  I have looked at the D.A rose Topbird suggested but I would preferably like a red one, if anyone can suggest one that might not grow too tall for my obelisk. Thanks 


There are several red D.A. New English roses

(see this link ).

The 2 recommended for training as small climbers are Falstaff (6') and Tess of the d'Urbervilles (7').

I have seen Falstaff growing & it is very pretty & has a good scent. 


I have a Falstaff in a pot, not out enough for a photo, but here is a Google one.


Thankyou Topbird for the D.A. link, although they are both beautiful,  I am slightly swayed by Falstaff simply because it has the stronger ffragrance. Cheers 

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