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I have just found a group of 6 of these mushroom's / fungi under rhododendrons / Oak tree I have.  

Any ideas what type they are?  Just would like to know if they are poisonous as I have two young children. 

Thanks in advance for any help. 

Heather Michaels

Peanuts3. Not at all sure I can help you, but there is no picture on your post. Make sure you upload the pic so you can get some help. Can't take any chances with young children around.

the mushroom is about the size of a fist, prob a bit bigger than mine.



Hi  hard to tell at this stage as is still immature but don't think its a poisonous one. Would you be prepared to wait and see if the head flattens out and how much, then repost? Pretty sure it is one of two very edible ones but won't know for sure til mature.

It looks somewhat like a mushroom called The Prince (Agaricus augustus) which lives in deciduous woods and appears about now. It is edible. However,  I don't like that white stem very much as the Prince usually has a creamy stem.

Wait a few days to see how it develops. Do you have any mycologists in your area who could come and take a look? There are often people who do guided mushroom walks who could advise you

In the meantime, I would agree that it is best to keep people and animals away from it and wash your hands well if you touch it. There are a lot of "false friends" in the world of fungi.



I'll leave them til Friday and take another photo and repost.  Thanks for the advice.  They will be removed before Saturday as have young enquisative boys coming over. 

Looking at the descrition given in SwissSue's link, I would say that you are indeed the lucky owner of The Prince. The ones I used to find were possibly slightly different in stem colour (not a lot) due to the locality. They were certainly delicious.

I wouldn't destroy them as it is extremely unlikely that they are dangerous. If you can find a local mushroom enthusiast who can verify them as the Prince before Saturday you will have an excellent omelette from them



It is magnificent!

Please don't destroy it.

Use it to teach the boys how to research what things are.  Use it to teach them to leave some things alone.  Use it to teach them to respect natural things.

wow, well it has opened up today and is the size of a dinner plate.  I will go out and smell it tomorrow and wont destroy them after all.  

 Thank you so much for all of the advice.  what a find in a our new garden


We have similar fungi appearing in this garden around August time - I have no idea if they're edible - I would want an expert to tell me.  I have eaten all sorts of wild fungi but only when identified by an acknlowledged expert.  

However, I'm so pleased you're not going to destroy them - I grew up running wild in the countryside and never thought of licking or eating anything a trusted adult hadn't told me was 100% safe. I just regard them as yet more of the wonderful bounty of Nature and my children always thought they were just magical 

What a wonderful specimen. You are lucky to live where you do. I used to love mushrooming in Surrey. Not much round here on limestone and what there is isn't usually worth picking.

Hope you manage to find someone local to help you identify it for sure.

And I hope the boys enjoy looking at it too.

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