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I have a raised bed that is about 2 foot high and on paving slabs.
Over the past couple of days I have noticed this mound of earth increasing in size and a little hole appeared today, am I right in thinking it's the birdies causing this?

It's not a problem but it just rather baffled me as I've not actually seen anything happening myself so it seems to be at night or early hours of the morning lol

There's nothing planted currently where it is, I'd lifted up some lettuce earlier last week and it seemed to start after that lol



To me it looks more like a digging out rather than a pushing up.

Rabbit, rat?


There's no access for a mole as the bed is on slabs, here's a pic of it when it was first built so you can get an idea of what the bed is like.



I haven't seen anything but I agree it does seem like it was pushed up more than dug out.


Beaus Mum

You'll have to get one of those secret cameras 


Hmmmmmm this is very intriguing indeed lol I've just had a look this morning and that little hole in the first picture has disappeared and there is now just a mound. Should I disturb it or leave it to it?
How on earth did it get up into it is what I am wondering lol

Thanks for the link Dove.


If it's a rat - and I'd be inclined to think it's something like that too - they can get up the side of a container like that quite easily NG  

Rabbit holes are quite big and that looks smaller. They can get up onto containers and raised beds easily too - they need to be about three feet high to stop them!

Where have all the stones come from? The pic of the newly made bed suggests that the soil is not stony, unless you put a layer at the bottom.


Good question Andzik there was some at the bottom but not that size or amount :/
There was a layer of black sheeting fixed to the bottom of the base, with holes for drainage and some broken bricks etc for drainage. then the soil was added ontop (minus any stones).

I agree Fairygirl once I actually thought about it I realised they could climb *blonde moment' haha

I am digging out the Leeks that you can see alongside tomorrow so we will see if I discover anything then.
If it is a rat it's the first one I have seen here in the 2 years I've lived here!


Then it's obviously about time one turned up 


haha very true!
I'l let you know if I discover anything tomorrow

Beaus Mum

Maybe that's a good thing! 

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