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something is feasting on my plants leaves---any ideas please


Can you post a picture for us please?  Click on the tree icon in the toolbar above where you type your post and follow the instructions 

Not an answer to your question, but does it matter?

I've just cut all the leaves from all 3 of my helibores (one is a Christmas Rose).  There will be very few new leaves grow over the winter and when the flowers come in spring they stand proud above whatever new leaves there are, then the leaves grow over the summer.  Hope I do the right thing with them but it seems to work ok for me.  Mags


Does anyone else cut the leaves of the hellebores, mine are quite black, and would like to cut them off?

Yes I cut off every leaf from my hellebores now.  For reasons already given, viz., so that any diseased leaves are removed and new flower buds are seen without being covered with old leaves.

I also cover any spores and to encourage flower formation.

Works well for me and I have in excess of 40 varieties.  


Oh, not sure what is eating Christmas Rose leaves but suspect caterpillars or snails.


I usually cut the leaves off mine when the ground has frozen. It's easier to walk on then.

My Christmas Rose has an abundance of flowers ready to open, many already showing quite a lot of white petals.  It just might be in flower over Christmas this year. 

About cutting the leaves off, I heard that they should be binned  and not composted because of any disease.


Staffsmags, if me I would put a gravel mulch around those flowers.  Mud splashed flowers from rain does spoil those flowers

If it works for you Nut that's fine but I wouldn't want to cut anything in frozen comditions.  Down here I would be seeing flower buds in late December early jan


I have to wait a bit longer than that Verdun.I have done some, when the ground was dry, a few weeks ago.


Thanks everyone, i will cut them off now, some have been out in flower for a month, the double ones.

Hiya lynn

Yes I too have a couple in flower including one bought last year.....a beautiful simple yellow....good  


Is it the West Country weather, do you think?


I have white ones that flower at any time they like. The original was bought from a roadside stall in September, in flower. The rest start in Jan/ Feb according to weather conditions. Unfortunately those white ones are subject to something that's probably viral which the others never get. Bent leaves and sick looking

Nut, think you mean the Christmas Rose....hell Niger.  I cant grow that one from year to year.  I do buy them sometimes just for the one year.  They are earlier than orientallis.....not as good though.




No, not H niger Verdun. They just die and disappear. These are white orientalis hybrids

You may be right nut. They do seem to flower when they please.  I have a white double I bought many years ago supposedly the first white double amd bred in cornwall and this one is more in flower than not.  Just as you said, it's leaves do suffer and twist a little more than most but I just cut them off

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