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We have a nut feeder and a bird seed feed both hanging on our crab apple tree.Twice in the last four days ,first thing in the morning we have found the seed holder about two metres away on the lawn.

It appears to have benn dragged across the lawn as the lid is off and the seed all over the place,this morning a bite size piece was missing from the rigid green plastic base(piece about 1inch across and 1/2 inch deep),we later found the bit futher away again.

We do get squirrels,but the nut holder which could be removed in the same way has been left untouched.

Any Ideas?



Hi, maybe it's a bird? I have seen Jackdaw's  lift feeders off their hooks and drop them on my lawn, then eat some of the spilled contents before flying off


I've seen a rat going onto a branch to shake a feeder then going to the ground to eat what fell out. That's only a step away from getting the feeder down.


Grey squirrels, definitely - they do it to the feeders at my workplace - the only way I can keep them away from the feeders is to hang them by long wires from high branches of the trees, far enough from other trees and bushes to make it impossible for them to jump onto them - doesn't stop them trying tho' 

The piece that was bitten out might have happened after the feeder was on the ground - do you have badgers in the neighbourhood?

Garden Maniac

At this time of year, the wood pigeons do the same to mine - they eat whats on the bird table and then turn their attentions to the feeders - they are quite proficient in finding a way to peck through the hole and if that fails, actually hold onto the feeder itself and pull it off the hooks / holders.  They are very hungry (and heavy) birds, with no doubt young to feed, so I don't worry about it - just fill them and hang them back up and enjoy the fact that the pigeons are regular visitors!




 Harsh, but effective.



Thanks all,for your advice and suggestions  .

Dove,we don,t have any badgers in the area.

Charlie November,we do have squirrels,but have always seen them eat nuts in pref to anything esle.

I think we will have to get up really early and see if we spot anything,

If I discover the culprit ,I will let you all know. 


I'd agree with you Gilly - they always head for the peanuts first! I wire my feeders on to whatever they're hanging from to make it harder for bigger birds and squirrels to monopolise the feeders but as previously said- probably bird/squirrel getting them onto ground and something else munching the holes, although squirrels can annihilate plastic feeders very quickly- I only buy metal ones now.


The local squirrel goes after the sunflower kernals and ate it's way through the dark green plastic around the feeding hole. I have had to get a feeder with metal.


in my garden it was the jackdaws.. stood and watched them one day.. and videod them too.. just unhookin them form the branch and droppin them to get the seed.

The Bird Lady

I've just purchased a wildlife camera so that I can see what's happening at night. 

I know we get badgers, foxes and even a cock pheasant once (beautiful colouring) but what happens when I'm asleep?  Perhaps I'm better off not knowing! 


Mystery solved.....the answer was Jackdaws.spotted early this morning,feeders now wired to tree to prevent it happening again.Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

The Bird Lady

They're surprisingly clever - you can see they're actually trying to solve puzzles!

Could be a rat. I have one that regularly visits my bird table even in broad daylight!

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