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Found some of these little things hang ard at my dry out begonia's roots when i clear out for the tubers. May i know what are they and are they good to keep or to go far far away?

Thank you



Vine weevil. Not good. Not good at all. As you are lifting the tubers then the best course is to wash off all the soil and remove all grubs. Either squish them or feed them to the birds. Unfortunately if you found them in your begonias then they will also be present in other pots and you need to take action there too.


They look like the dreaded  vine weevil grubs. They will chew through all your roots. Pick them out and feed to the birds or drown them  in boiling water.

Yep, the dreaded vine weevil.  It's not just the grubs you see but the embryonic ones ??ou can't see there.  Thoroughly check your begonias and then empty the soil onto a board, hard surface or bin liner and let the birds sIft through.  Don't be in a hurry to use that soil.  

I would water your remaining pots with vine weevil killer ASAP.  



They love fuchsia so if you have any of those, i would take them out of the pots and check.

Roy Hill

Ah. Vine weevils. Lovers of the roots of many plants. Rhodedendrons. Strawberries. Lots of others. Hated by gardeners. The grubs are loved by hens.

If I remember correctly they (vine weevils) have the same reproductive technique as aphids - parthenogenesis. The adults are female, do not require fertilisation by males and lay lots and lots of eggs. At this time of year, nematode control treatments won't have an effect - the temperatures are too low for the parasitic nematodes to breed/thrive. Begonia tubers can be lifted, washed and dried then stored in a cool place for next year.

Dispose of the compost. It'll have dormant weevil eggs awaiting warmer months.

Most of the vine weevil treatments are parasitic nematodes. These don't respond well at this time of year. Spring would be the time for them.


Provado Vine Weevil Killer is the way to go. Kill all the grubs you find, pour boiling water of the rest and then use Provado. I would also clean the tubers with running water to make sure you get the egss (too small to see) as per above. They really are a pest. Not nice to find a loved plant munched to death at the roots.


thank you for all great advise!!!

i did post  reply earlier on wonder where it gone..but yes will clean the tubers properly put these yummy on birds dining table. the begonia's a shop brought basket hanging at the front door doing really really well until i stop watering to let it dry out. Seems like those fatty survive really well without water & feed pn my poor plant root!!!1

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