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mark smith3


hi my kaffir lime has a pest developed i first noticed it over the past 2 weeks luckly it hasnt affected anything else i was going to spray it but i havent seen this before can anybody help me identify it? thanks


No need for rudeness jean
Jean Genie

?? Sorry - didn't think I was being rude . Just answering a question. Humble apologies.



I think Christopher might be making a joke-but a smiley face would have helped

Jean Genie

Mark, On reflection my post to you was rather abrupt. In my defence, I was called away whilst answering your question and just sent the reply.That will teach me to engage my brain before putting my finger into action so please accept my apologies for my rather curt post.

The people on here are a very friendly, helpful lot and I have learnt so much since joining the forum so don't let this deter you from posting and hope you resolve your problem with the plant.


Jean..joke. You said mealy bugs. I said no need for rudeness. My sense of humour, that's all. Yep, sotongeoff I guess a smiley face would have been better, I guess it's my over- familiarity on this forum perhaps as I feel I know you guys a bit. I just joke as I do to my friends. Would never intend to upset anyone on this forum. Am I forgiven jean?
Jean Genie

Of course ! Like I said I need to have a sense of humour transplant ! This is the first forum I've ever joined so sometimes I get things wrong . Feel daft now.

Thanks jean

Oh Christopher....there you go again, not everyone has our dry,dry sense of humour. Still, you have not made me smile for a while with your remarks ( your postings have been rather serious)

Having said that, I am surprised at Jeans' reaction. I think she is pretty laid back( I don't mean literally)! You caught her at a bad time I think. Yes, a smiley would have soften the remark. So here's to aloverly , long friendship

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