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Hi, could anyone tell me what this plant is. Its just popped up from nowhere. i have bought numerous perennials and shrubs in the last two years but can,t remember this one, is it a weed?Its about three feet tall. I am only a novice gardener so please excuse my ignorence,many thanks Elizabeth.



At 3 feet tall now it could be one of the solidagos, golden rods. That might qualify as a weed, especially if you didn't put it there


nut, I am so impressed by your plant knowledge


But I might not be right artjak. I just grow a lot of plants and visit a lot of gardens and plant fairs. Many plants have been by me.


If Elizabeth post's a pic of it when it flowers we'll know - or can make a better guess  



I hate to say it - but it looks suspiciously like rosebay willowherb too! They have reddish stems just like your pic.

If it starts throwing up spikes of purple/violet flower heads that's what it may be. They produce thousands of seeds on each flower head and can be very invasive so pull it out or at least remove the flower heads before they seed everywhere.They are perennial as well as annual weeds.

Hopefully I'm wrong and nut is right elizabeth!


so do I Fg. Willowherbs all are a pain in the..........  Some of the solidagos aren't much better. Might be neither of them

nutcutlet wrote (see)

Might be neither of them

Thanks for the info everyone,i googled golden rod when you mentioned that it may be that nutcutlet, and the leaves look the same, so will leave it until it flowers,then will post a pic.many thanks again.xx



don't forget the pic Elizabeth, we like to know 


I have very fond memories of  Rose Bay Willow Herb. As a 4 year old in 1952, all the bomb sites in London from the 2nd World War had this growing, softening the horror of bombed out homes, it created a pinky mauve haze over the rubble.


Strange how some of the nicest looking plants are regarded as weeds.Imagine if dandelions were difficult to grow, we would be spending a fortune on them.


Does look like willow herb.

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