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My elderly aunt has sent me these seed pods.  Does anyone know what they might be, please?  She says the "tree" grows to about 10' with sword like leaves.  Flowers are black /red.  Should I plant them and see what I get? 

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They look like Phormium seeds, and from the description, that sounds like what you have there.

I'm not sure how quickly they come from seed, and they may not come true to the parent plant, but have a go if you like - nothing to lose  

I have tried in the past to germinate the seeds.  The most success I achieved was in a heated bed in a GH.

They did actually germinate but that was it.  It was many years ago so I can't remember exactly but they probably damped off.

That was helpful wasn't it ?  


Thank you to Fairygirl and Phillipa smith2 for replies.  

I'll stick my Phormium seeds in some gritty compost in the greenhouse and see what happens!

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