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At this time of year I see hundreds of walls decorated with beautiful flowering aubrietas - and am very jealous.

I have tried growing them to trail down dry stone walls in a number of locations in our garden - they start as lovely bushy plants from the garden centre, but by the summer they are either dead, or consist of long brown stems with a couple of leaves still growing at the end.  It almost looks like something is eating any leaves that are trying to emerge along the stem.

I have tried in sun and shade.  We have acid soil.

Has anyone any ideas?


I've got some Aubrietas for the first time this year, they are still flowering brillantely at the moment.

I have read that after they have finished flowering you should cut them back quite hard which will encourgage further bushy growth & maybe a second flowering.

Maybe try this & see what happens?


They only flower in the spring and like meiow said after flowering you need to cut right back and they come into life again  next spring.


Could be snails, I have given up with aubretia because I just couldn't keep up with the control of them even though I think I was doing everything else right.



my mother told me aubretia dont like their heart wet. Which makes sense they like nothing better than being in a wall or as my neighbour has them in a raised gravel bed, which all say free drainage

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