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All my Daffs are gone - do I cut them down or what?


Cut the heads off,and leave the leaves to die down naturally so they build up the flower buds for next year. If you chop the leaves off now you won't get flowers next year. A bit of a feed won't hurt either.

Thanks fidgetbones


gardenning granny

it's helpful to feed with a tomato fertiliser - I use the the cheapy "tesco's own" or a bit of home-made comfrey fertiliser.    That helps to build in the flowers for next year.  You shouldn't really chop off or tie in the leaves either, but I somethimes plait them carefully to allow space for other pklants to grow up before the daff leaves have finally died down and can be removed.

Thanks gardenning granny - I will do that and the tip on feeding them now is useful too.  As they border a bank which I have to mow I was thinking of ways to 'keep them out the way' to let them die down naturally.  They are lovely but they now look a mess so how long before I can 'mow' over them!!!



Six weeks before you can mow them off.

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