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Secret Squirrel


A question I keep meaning to ask every year, when do you remove the propagator lid when germinating HHA indoors?

Is it as soon as you see the seeds sprouting? or wait till they have grown a bit? For the last couple of years its always been a trial of error with mix success. Is there a definitive answer?


I open the lid vents as soon as i see sprouts, but leave the lid on (with my fingers crossed) for a few more days for the benefit of the seeds that might be late starters.  I know i risk damping off that way, but so far it has never happened 


I take them out of the heated  propagator once the seed leaves are fully open. I prick out once the first true leaves are fully open.

Hi Mark 1963

Normally I remove the seedlings to a cooler temperature say 50 0F when 1/3 have germinated.

However with Begonia seeds I still do not have an answer because they are so small,previously I have had both success and failure with begonia seeds.This year my current approach is to remove them from 75 0F to 60 0F when they have germinated around 90%


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