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13/01/2014 at 20:29

What a kind mum you've got Jess.

I have a few special snowdrops but only because I have a galanthophile friend who is very generous.

I  like to see a mass of ordinary snowdrops best of all.

13/01/2014 at 20:40
I like the word galanthophile, nut

Yes, my mum is a star - hasn't a clue about plants, but that means I have fun doing up her pot plants on the balcony.
13/01/2014 at 20:44

I like the word too Jess. I like words.

Split your new bulbs up into singles but you can put a few in each hole.  They multiply quickly and the singles seed as well. When they get crowded you can divide them up again, after flowering

13/01/2014 at 21:27

Word of caution, do not split into single bulbs. For some reason Snowdrops like company, plant in at least threes in the same hole.

This is what I am looking forward to seeing, from last year.

Part of my Snowdrop Wood


13/01/2014 at 21:35

Fabulous Berghill.

13/01/2014 at 21:40

Very nice

13/01/2014 at 22:34

Berghill said: For some reason Snowdrops like company,

I wish I'd known that when I plant mine last year - all in their own hole!

Your Snowdrop wood is really lovely, Berghill. Can you remember how long it took to get those clumps established like that, and when they were planted? Was each clump originally just 3 bulbs?

13/01/2014 at 23:05

Beautiful Berghill

13/01/2014 at 23:35

Like it it a lot.  Perfect setting for snowdrops.  

Any basic tips?  Feeding regime? Regular division?  

14/01/2014 at 08:17

Deep deep envy 

14/01/2014 at 09:34

Wow! Berghill, I'm ridiculously jealous. As Birdy says, can you remember how many years it took to get to that stage? And how many bulbs you bought to make it? I so want that picture on my calendar 

14/01/2014 at 10:43

Just answered all these questions and lost the posting.

80 to 100 years.

Leaf mould, scrap metal, broken glass and pottery etc

Perry Pear, Damson, Rowan and Hawthorn.

Damp soil as it is the lowest part of the land.

And that picture is only a quarter of it.

We have spread the bulbs out over the last 20 years. Each bulb planted with become 5 in a few seasons.

Very highly scented and sterile, so not straight G. nivalis. Usual method of spread is the moles.


14/01/2014 at 11:44

Lovely photo.

Thanks of all the tips, though now don't know whether to plant together or split! I only have small pot of 3 mind you...

14/01/2014 at 12:29

Oh and we have never bought any G. nivalis bulbs except for a the double version. All the ones we have bought are other species, like G ewersii and G. fosteri and some others whose names I always forget.

There is usually a good show of them at the Early Bulb show in Caerleon in February. (Alpine Garden Society show).

14/01/2014 at 14:21

If you've got a pot of 3 I'd plant them like that Jess. Maybe a little deeper than they are in the pot. 

Some potted bulbs are very shallow.

14/01/2014 at 14:24

I love your snowdrop wood Berghill.  I hadn't thought of putting snowdrops in my woodland corner but I will now.

14/01/2014 at 16:21

Shall do! need to get some more, as I fear none of the dry bulbs will ever emerge

Wasn't sure if sticking them into the ground when night temperatures are almost or around freezing, would do them any good, but I suppose they are tough little plants.

Has anyone ever been to see the snowdrop garden/Winter Garden at Anglesey Abbey, by the way? It was recommended by someone on this thread and I'm really tempted to go.


14/01/2014 at 16:22

Berghill - what I wouldn't give to have enough space for a snowdrop WOOD! 

As Dove says, deep envy 

Some day I shall have a garden large enough to swing a cat in, I just know it 

14/01/2014 at 16:26

..I went to Anglesey Abbey a couple of years ago.... snowdrops all out but they do tend to all look the same to me.. I think you have to get very close to detect real differences in some of them...

I preferred the winter garden walk...there is such a dramatic surprise as you turn a corner that lives long in the memory...

14/01/2014 at 16:36

Ooooh, now you've got me really curious! I think I'll have to go  Thanks Salino.

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