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Anna L. T.


I am trying to find out where I can but cheap butterfly netting (7 mm) online at an affordable price? I live in Denmark and have been told it is much cheaper to buy the netting in the UK, as it is super expensive over here.

Hoping someone can throw me some links 

Thank you.


Anna L. T.

Yes, that's the kind I'm looking for- just hoping to find out where I can get it at the lowest cost.


Well, the prices on that site look very reasonable to me. 


Agreed, anything around 60p per square metre is good value.

More importantly Anna, you need to check delivery information as many gardening suppliers in the UK won't take online EU orders or delivery to the EU may be expensive or not available.  Google "butterfly netting UK" and go straight to the delivery information link on each site.  You may find your choice very limited unfortunately.


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