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I haven't seen any in my garden.  My salix is normally covered with them....but ne'er a one insight This year!


Blackfly's been the worst here, especially on the philadelphus, but the soft soap spray's helping. Have lots of chirruping birds, just hope that's not because they've got tummys full of ladybird larvae, the amount of mealworms they're getting through should keep them happy.

Used to get quite a lot, but in the last few years hardly any. There must be a problem somewhere.

I have quite a few Ladybird larvae in various sizes and stages as well as the Ladybird adults themselves, though I have noticed that they seem quite a bit smaller than usual. My cherry tree was covered in blackfly a few weeks ago, as well as ants that I think are "farming" them. Rather than using any chemicals, I cranked the hosepipe up to full strength and blasted the little blighters off the tree! So far, they haven't come back in any significant numbers. My "problem" this year seems to be Large White caterpillars chomping on all my Nasturtiums, but it's my own fault for growing so many I suppose! I just let them get on with it as I think butterflies are in decline already without any help from me as it were.

Thankfully...fingers crossed...hardly any slugs so far, but I expect they'll appear soon. Last year they nearly broke me....Lol!!

I'm in Lancashire by the way.

I think i have your share of slugs Lindsay, i gather up about 20 every moring before despatching them.


Loads of ladybirds around here just outside Swansea, don't think I've seen so many at this time of year for several years.

I have a nettle patch in my allotment which has a lot of ladybirds in it. I also noticed quite a few ladybirds just sitting on bare dry soil.

Loads up here in Bolton! first spotted them in March there's plenty of them! I have an allotment filled with ladybird houses and little spots for them to hang out over winter! Winter was pretty awful but they came through it fine here! 

Very few on the Notts/Derbys borders, lost the harlequin ladybirds after the very cold winter 2010/11, then had loads of natives the year after, but last autumn hardly saw any going to hibernate in mine or customers gardens, and only half a dozen all in all this season.

The cold wet weather last year and delayed spring this, caused a lot of problems in some areas, but GG absolutely right am seeing more and more larvae .... so bring on the sunshine .... and lets hope, like a lot of things this season they're just late.

We have plenty of ladybirds in West Yorkshire.

I've had plenty of ladybirds in my garden in North Hampshire, a lovely reminder of childhood days.


I normally have loads of ladybirds and at this time of year they and their larvae would be feasting on blackfly.  This year there are absolutely none about and my broad beans are becoming covered in blackfly

I'm in NE Hampshire.

no ladybirds seen yet but ants and dreaded slugs in huge amounts and saw a butterfly today beer traps for the slugs and some stingers for the ladybirds here in Suffolk planted my potatoes in early june in a planter when can i harvest them

it;s not easy but red lilly beetles could be mistaken for spotless ladybirds (mcavitythecat take note) they will decimate your lillys

Seen one or two ladybirds earlier in the year but none for a couple of month here in the NW. Not many butterflies either. Lots of bee's and spiders though.

I've not had much damage from slugs and snails but they are out there as 1/2 dozen were stuck to the lid of the recycle bin when it was emptied at the weekend and they gather in the lid of the compost bin. 

Let your spuds flower it's a sign they are healthy and doing well, harvest when the foliage starts to die back.   


break23...yes, Ladybirds can indeed give you a nip. I remember being bitten by one when I was a child. Nothing that would bother an adult I think, but obviously children might get rather panicky at the idea of biting beetles!



i know if iam not happy....



I haven't seen one in North glos, I've plent of food for them though


wow.. wonder whats going on... i live in cambridge & have`nt seen any either...

I'm in Saddleworth and as yet no LB's..lots of slugs,every kind of bee you could imagine ( they've taken to sleeping just underneath chive flowers on mild nights ! )black/green/white/skybluepink fly and deer all thriving.Need some weather now !