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yes bees and butterflies and as yet we still need a few days we can call summer its just been very wet and humid has anyone out there got summer and they could post it back to me for a few days thanks

Whilst plaing golf at Saunton Golf Club in North Devon, I came across a considerable mass of ladybirds mostly on a small 'prickly' bush just off the fairway but I have only seen the odd one or two in my garden which is on the outskirts of Barnstaple.


I have a lot of the larvae on my senetti Dunno why they seem to be favouring that particular plant though lol


I am in Gloucestershire, have't seen one ladybird and only a couple of butterflies. Lots of bees though. Unfortunately disturbed a wasp nest hidden in a bag of decomposing leaves and got a very nasty sting. Still nursing a swollen wrist..ouch!


Here in Derbyshire I have only seen one - earlier in the year - and wonder if my massive flock of starlings, sparrows, tits and finches could have eaten them? I feed the birds with mealworms every morning so hopefully they haven't eaten the ladybird larvae?  Sad to see that ladybirds are in hiding. x



i live on isle of wight.. and i have not seen one this year so far.. the aphids and black fly have just appeared in their droves over last two weeks.. and nothing but ants is eating them.

i have had bees but not on smae number as last year. normally my nepeta is covered in them.. and the ones that are about are small..

it is worrying as to where hey have gone.. wonder if it is to do with everything being 4 weeks behind due to cold easter..


I'd like to think it's because everything is late this year but I haven't seen any of their larvae either?  As for bees, well I've had a good few bumble bees but not many honey bees.  Loads of greenfly/blackfly around and HUGE amounts of slugs & snails that are trying to eat everything!  Gonna have to resort to those blue pellets I think cos eco-friendly things aren't working on them.  Are those blue pellets OK to put down when there's lots of birdies about?


No not realy have you got an old Bit of slate or a broken pot you could put them under so the birds cant reach them, the slugs will find the pellets and you can remove the bodies in the morning

Susan Giles

Wow! There seems to be a real difference around the country. Some places have loads and other have none. I'm hoping that it's because everything is so late (like liggylaura) and once they appear they make short work of the black fly and green fly - it wil be a bug-fest when they do!

Hope you all enjoy the heatwave - watering cans at the ready, high factor sun cream and sunglasses too! Oh, and maybe a glass of wine!  

Aphids by the million but not a single ladybird, larva or adult.

Beer traps work, but there are too many slugs and snails in my garden.  Torch and a pointed stick after dark.......!

Never use metaldehyde please... Hedgehogs can find corpses even if birds can't.


Little weeeed

I haven't seen a single ladybugs so far up here in Angus. Loads of slugs and snails, not many greenfly or black f ly. 

hollie hock

Not seen a single one here either

a rubber glove and a glass of wine...during  a slug hunt....a head torch means you don't have to put your wine down !  The perfect solution!

Here in Norfolk I have yet to see any ladybirds, although I haven't looked too hard. Also, thank goodness fewer lily beetles, although I did catch a couple. I have seen a few blackfly. What has happened in the poast has been a rapid increase in aphids followed after a while by a corresponding increase in ladybirds, a bit of patience is required. However, for those without Green Gardener is excellent for all prdators including ladybirds. I particularly like their plum moth traps which are almost 100% effective.

GG48 I like it .... you've got style!!!!


Slight deviation here, but do ladybirds survive on the North West of Scotland? I haven't seen any here at all, last year I bought some larvae &  ladybirds introduced them to the pests & never saw them again. Thanks!

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Adam Pasco

In Peterborough I masses of ladybird larvae, although their parents have been elusive. Both greenfly and blackfly populations have exploded, and on most I've also found ladybird larvae feeding, particularly on teh golden hop and apple tree. I also found a hoverfly larvae feeding too.

Some blackfly on my dwarf dahlias are being spread and protected by ants. You'll often find ants among aphids, as they 'milk' teh aphids for the sugary honeydew (sap) they exude, while keeping predators like ladybirds away.

Thanks for tip re nasty blue slug/snail pellets - will put them under a bit of pottery to keep them away from birdies.  Killed 30 - yes! 30! huge slugs the other night and approx 10 snails - yuck!  Slugs really give me the creeps!  xx