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Planning to go out with a friend tomorrow and she reckons we should go to Kent. Not sure why. Any suggestions for a garden centre or garden gratefullt recieved

Woodgreen wonderboy

Great Dixter, Northiam, East Sussex... garden of late, great Christo. Lloyd.

I would love to see great dixter.  Christopher Lloyd was a one off.  His books I can read again and again

Woodgreen wonderboy

My favourite garden, now looked after by Fergus Garrett, Christo's head gardener friend and , at the end of his life, carer. I love CL's garden philosophies, writings, ideas and the way he challenged orthodoxy. Have you read the exchange of letters with Beth Chatto. If not, do. Her garden is well worth a visit too. Must be worth a trip to the far east to see them?

Thanks woody. I think we share same thinking about Christopher Lloyd.  I'll see if I can see those letters top.  If I search for letters between chatto amd chris Lloyd?




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