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Need to remove well established roots from various tree's and bushes many of which are Holly. I intend to dig out what I can but to be honest its a lot harder than I had hoped(can not get a mini digger around the back)

So if I cut off at the ground level and used a product a Few years down the road it must become easier ??

There are various named product on the shelve in handy pump bottles or do I go for a Powder and mix it my self or try an agricultural place and get what professionals / farmers use ?? or is it the same stuff ???

Go to an agricultural supplier and get the stuff the farmers use, can't remember for the life of me what it's called. A local farmer gave me some a few years ago and it worked a treat.

Janet  Rodway

The ones we used, came in a pellet form. You drill holes in the stump and tap them in.

They came it packs of 100 from a seed & Chemical merchant.


That's interesting Janet.  I was only thinking about the blue pellets this morning.  I take the dog for a walk by the railway line and they have been cutting down encroaching trees there.  I saw the blue pellets and wondered if they were the poison or just a cap on it.

Janet  Rodway

They did work very well we asked for the ones for ash tree because my daughter had about 50 small ash trees growing in her garden they had to go only a small garden it would have got serious. Nobody had lived there for 5 years.   



I could do with these too? Can you buy them readily or not for normal garden use? Thanks.


I use SBK (I think that stands for Special Brushwood Killer).  It's a liquid, follow instructions on the packet.  You can get it in any garden centre.

I applied it a couple of times and it worked well.


Janet  Rodway

We got these plugs from  You can only ask I don't know if they supply everyone or not. All I can tell you is from November 2015 we will have to have a certificate to use any chemicals on the farm. ( Pass a test )


Been told else where(down the pub) to cut close to ground drill some holes and tip Bleach down the holes !!!! Another customer(who was wearing a flatcap,so should know what he was on about !!!!) said tip Round up into the holes and then leave.

I know from an old chemist friend of mine that Bleach comes in various strengths depending very much on the price(you have to just read the label on the back for the details). With that in mind I read the labels of various of the shelve weed killers and most seem to have the same products and the same amounts give or take a ...0% . But in powder form the ingredients Appear to be 100% stronger

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