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can u help,i bought some purple cone flower roots from a mail catalogue they arrived today but i dont know what way up to plant them,they are around 6ins long but they have one thicker stem,as such but then very fine roots all the way up it,as you can see i havent  had these plants befor.


I have to admit being a bit confused by your description-but echinaceas are best planted with the roots just below the surface of the spoil -so not too deep

I don't know if that helps?

Does the way the fibrous roots grow give any clues - they would normally grow downwards? sorry if seems an obvious thing to say

Other that that I don't suppose they would object if you planted them horizontally? it may be less risky than a 50:50 chance of being upside down as some plants really resent that.

Have a careful look. Is there the semblance of a join/stem from which the roots emanate? If so plant with that stem at top. If not, I would plant with the pieces you have, as you say, horizontally and covered with about 2cm soil. I'm sure it will grow.

thanks everyone i have had a good look and the roots go all the way up the stem so its all going to get buried will let you know if i kill it

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