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Last year my phomium tenax which is growing in a tub developed really bad white mould I treated this with a systemic fungicide spay

however this year plant leaves are looking yellow and there is still a large amount of white mould at base of plant

any suggestions what I should do ?





How bad is it?


I will start with the worst case.


The cure is!! there is no cure destroy the plant. burn it.

Good news is i do not think it is that do you have new growth?

Check for Mealybugs. Scrape some of the 'white fluff' off and if you see little critters walking around then that's what it is. Do you have copper spots, on the leaves? 

As long as the new leaves are healthy I wouldn't worry too much. Clear away the nasty bits and don't compost them as if it is a disease you might spread it around. It's very humid under a Phormium and lots of mould like it!

Try a Garlic spray. 

Does it look like this?


 Nearest thing i can get in the dark sorry.



I grow a few Phormiums.  I divide them every 2 or 3 years.  One has developed some rot....that wet winter. Phormiums, like many plants, will have hated the weather we have had over past few months.

Best to lift amd divide.  Discard the rottingdiseased pieces and replant healthy parts.  Pull apart and use a knife, if necessary, to cut off any affected bits.  Use fresh compost 

Yes this  picture is exactly like my plant, no signs of bugs looks like it could be worse case.....

I will try to divide and see if I can get a healthy piece. such a shame


If you can get a healthy piece it will grow with more colour and energy.  Too many Phormiums are allowed to grow too large.  They lose their juvenile colour and revert to green ultimately.  Division keeps Phormiums attractive so not a shame marion


Mealy bugs are a pain! They attack some of my succulents and I have yet to find a way of fully eradicating it. I have tried soap spray, wiping the woolly bits off with cotton wool dipped in soap & water/cooking oil & water and in desperation, spraying with Pravada. Nothing seems to fully get rid and I usually end up sacrificing the plant as it spreads to neighbouring plants. Verdun's advice is sound and as he says, wash out the pot thoroughly and use fresh compost.


what is garlic spray? is this a home made recipe?



It is for me but it uses many other natural ingredients. (onion,chilly powder and others) The recipe is on this site somewhere.

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