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Looking for some more help and advice - If im on here that's mostly what I'll be looking for haha! don't think i'll be giving it... Maybe one day.

I have a White Rhododendron in the garden. You have read the above and are wondering why how do I know it is white if it isn't flowering - I have seen it flower in the past.  It also flowered very early on in the season - not alot but it did flower. Since then it has got greener and filled out. But just now of that lovely white flower
: (

I have noticed when I am out and about I see these flowering lovely - basically in the wild, therefore need very little care, so..... I am left scratching my head - why isnt mine!!?

Can anyone help

Typo; But just NONE of that lovely white flower: ( *


LOOK! :- D


I know its been a while - but wanted to show you, what a difference...

Thanks again for your help

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