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Why won't my wisteria flower
Alina W

You need to tell us a bit more. How old is it? Where is it growing? What direction does it face?

Hi ,Alina W .sorry for lack of info. It is growing in a south facing position .two years old, and growing against the gable end of the house. And has really grown well. Thanks for your reply,jerry
Alina W

Position sounds fine and the plant healthy so, unless you bought it in flower, it's likely to be too young. Some wisterias are seed grown, and they can take up to seven years to flower.

The other point is have you pruned it correctly - look here for instructions:

Thank's hope to speak to u again soon , jerry



I planted two expensive grafted hybrids three years ago, and they still don't look as if they are going to flower this year! 

I have let them grow to fill the available space.. This year I am going to cut back all but the essential growth, and will prune these back in July to encourage flower bud development next year.

It may well be the pruning ... mine is about 3 years old ... I've never had flowers,  but last year I looked at a couple of videos about pruning (when and how).  I followed these rules and this year I've had loads of flower buds !

Thats the good news,  the bad news is that with all this rain,  the buds got completely waterlogged and they've just rotted and dropped off.

Still,  better luck next time !

Si I think the answer could well be to prune according to the YouTube pruning instructions !


hi ive had my wisteria  about 4 years and it didnt flower untill i gave it a hard pruning now it has got lots of flower heads on it  i think if im not mistaken you prune it twice once in the spring and again in the autumn  thats what i do and it works


In Boston market yesterday I saw some wisteria "Amethyst Falls" that were only 70cm tall, and they had several big flower buds.  I am sure one of mine is the same variety!  

So, out with the secateurs in June, cut out all but the strongest stems, and cut the remaining ones back by half. Hopefully I'll see buds developing next February, and I'll cut back again to fatten them up. 

Grafted plants are supposed to be the best and in flower when you buy but when I got mine I would have needed a second mortgage to buy what I wanted so went for a small potted 'whip'.  I had a new garden at the time so there was nothing in it so all plants purchsed where small.  That wisteria took over ten years to produce any flowers at all!  Sadly, at that time I didn't have any pruning information so just stopped it looking sad & weeping willow like!  Once it started flowering it was lovely but not the blue I expected, more of a lilac color.   I have now moved house and didn't have the heart to did it up as it had spent so much time 'settling'.  I am now trying again with some bare root plants and so far they are still like dead twigs! 

My wisteria produces plenty of flower buds but then they just seem to stall and wither. Can you help?

Hi Gaye sounds like the frost has got to it.Fleece it up on a night or it could happen again


I have had problems getting my wisteria to flower.  Here is the info I have been given from a gardener who specialises in them.

Prune side shoots back by 80 per cent in the second or third week of August (I'm based in the Midlands he did say the weeks would vary for different parts of the country)

In February feed lightly with Fish Blood and Bone.

Prune again to 4 buds when the buds begin to swell in the spring.

Feed lightly with Phosphate to encourage the flowers.

I'm determined to get this plant flowering, it's five years old and came from good root stock.  It's become a bit of a challenge now.


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